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About Us

The Artists behind the Confection
Brenda Chance, Owner/Chief Designer

Meet Brenda.

Brenda Chance, owner/operator/chief designer of A Cake Affair, passionately produces decadent and delicious desserts for her clients.

“Cake is celebration,” she says. “Cake accompanies our most special moments in life. Cake is appreciation. Cake is often the centerpiece for events of recognition. We use cake to show our affection.

“Cake is love. That’s how we approach it. So our mission in this kitchen is to produce the best representation of our client’s love and appreciation in dessert form. Your preferences, your personality, your heart helps to design the cake, the custom sugar cookies or cupcakes so that when it is presented, it is a sweet, confectionary extension of your love.

“The most important moment of the cake is the first bite. Sure, we love the slacked-jawed responses when people see the sculpted design for the first time, but the flavor is the thing. If the cake makes you skip a breath or take a pause, or bulge your eyes a bit, we know we’ve succeeded.

“We hope to create something truly special for you and your next special moment. We want you to fall in love with cake again, cake worthy of such moments. We want to add flavor to your lives.”

Give Brenda and A Cake Affair a call to discuss the cake you will always remember with a taste you’ll never forget.